What to know about nocturnal pollution or involuntary ejaculation ?

The human body and how it works are sometimes a mystery that never ceases to amaze us. In today's article, we will talk about a topic that is more common than you think. But sometimes, out of shame or ignorance, we don't usually deal with nocturnal pollution.

What is nocturnal pollution?

Nocturnal pollutions or nocturnal ejaculations are the involuntary ejaculations that men have at night and during sleep. Sometimes they wake up during ejaculation, while others only notice it the next day when they discover a stain on their underwear.

When does nocturnal soiling occur?

It usually occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, when sleep is at its deepest. The body experiences a drop in temperature, the sympathetic nervous system, which normally controls the penile muscles, goes limp and the eyes move from side to side under the eyelids. During this time, dreams occur and our brain is fully active. There is eternal debate among experts as to whether this soiling occurs as a result of an erotic dream or whether, on the contrary, it has nothing to do with the fact that one is dreaming at the time it occurs. Urologists point out that these ejaculations may be due to a mechanism in the body to ensure the proper functioning of the genitals. This is because the seminal vesicles, where the semen accumulates, fill up when there is no sexual intercourse or when masturbation causes an erection, and the prostate contracts, which in turn causes the fluid to be expelled.

At what age do they occur?

Nocturnal pollutions usually occur in the early teens. When there is a significant increase in hormones, it should be met with complete naturalness. For it does not cease to be another phase in the physiological development of the body towards adulthood. The fact that they occur at this stage of life and have a higher frequency does not mean that they do not occur in adults, although it is common for them to disappear with age. However, if nocturnal soiling occurs very frequently in an older man, it would be advisable to seek professional help and rule out the possibility that there is a problem with the reproductive system.

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