How does masturbation in a partnership work?

Masturbation in partnership can benefit a relationship. It can be the perfect way to strengthen the bond and learn more about your partner. Would you like to try it out but don't know where to start? Pay attention to the following tips.

Masturbation as sexual osmosis

One of the most common complaints from couples is that their sexual relationships have become routine and unsatisfying due to stress and daily commitments. When it comes to exploring new avenues and improving the quality of intimate exchanges, anything goes. However, there is one resource that is as relevant as it is forgotten: masturbation in the partnership. There are still many myths and taboos around masturbation. Some even feel hurt, angry or rejected when their partner resorts to solo masturbation. However, it is a completely healthy and natural practice that can benefit you in many ways.

8 Tips for Pleasurable Masturbation in a Partnership

Put taboos and myths aside: masturbation as a couple is a way to give and receive pleasure. Find out how to go about it.
Eliminate taboos: It is important to examine your beliefs about masturbation and change limiting beliefs. Even if you feel shame or do not accept your body, it will be necessary to work on this beforehand.
Decide when you want to address it: Depending on your personality and that of your partner, the ideal time to consider trying couples masturbation will vary. The most spontaneous can naturally bring up the suggestion in any meeting.
Create a suitable environment: Desire is fuelled by stimulation of all kinds. A conducive and suggestive environment can make the experience much more enjoyable. So find a comfortable, intimate and quiet place and spend time preparing it.
Try and learn: Put aside your taboos and fears, experience and learn about masturbation as a couple. One of the greatest benefits of this practice is that you can get to know your partner better, as well as yourself. Allow yourself to try new sensations, keep an eye on each other's reactions as well as your own, and you will discover each other's likes and dislikes.
Communicate: It is important that you can both communicate confidently. The other person cannot read your mind, so you need to pass on your opinions and suggestions. Similarly, you need to be able to listen and be guided without feeling attacked or rejected.
Don't rush: For masturbation to be fun in a partnership, it is important to approach it as an end in itself. Don't try to seek and achieve orgasm at all costs, take it slowly and enjoy the process.
Don't strive for perfection: If you are having this experience for the first time with your partner, it is very likely that the result will be far from perfect. Over time, each other's knowledge and mutual trust will increase and the results will be more positive.
Repeat and renew: Finally, try to introduce partner masturbation as a frequent part of your sex life. There is no point in trying it once and then giving it up forever. Build it into the routine, try new approaches in terms of environment, posture or type of stimulation.