Orgasm through breast stimulation: Let's talk about it!

There are many erogenous zones in the body that we often ignore during sexual intercourse. But did you know that you can give your partner unforgettable orgasms if you pay special attention to the breasts? Would you like to know how to provide them? Read on.

The Breast Orgasm

The nipples are an erogenous zone that, because of the amount of nerve endings they have, are capable of giving women great pleasure when stimulated. When stimulated in the right way, they can even help you achieve intense and unforgettable orgasms. Studies have shown that stimulating the breasts activates the same areas of the brain as vaginal stimulation. However, it is not yet known exactly how the breasts relate to the genitals, but it is clear that the hormone "oxytocin" plays an important role.

Stimulating the breast step by step

Gently stroke the edges of the areola with your fingertips until you see the nipple erect and gently stimulate the rest of the breast. Run your tongue over her collarbone to the junction of the breasts.
Then encircle the edge of the same towards each of the armpits. Back and forth to end back at the level of the collarbone.
Use your fingers for one breast and your mouth for the other. Pat lightly, as if you are barely touching the skin.
Then place both thumbs in the centre of the breasts as if you were forming a bra. And make movements with the four fingers as if you were playing a piano.
Press lightly on the breast always from the bottom up and from the sides towards the centre. Try to cover most of the breast. Squeeze them as if you were massaging them.
Nibble on the nipples, but be careful not to knock your teeth out. This is a very sensitive area that is prone to pain.
Place the nipple between your central incisors. Apply a gentle push, rotating your teeth around it gently and as if licking a sweet.
Suck, but only lightly, so that the nipple slowly penetrates through your mouth until a large part of the breast is inserted.
Lick the nipple as if you were enjoying an ice cream. Help yourself with your tongue to lick the tip of the nipple with quick movements.
Run your tongue over it several times. Remember to use enough saliva so as not to irritate the skin of the breasts. Do it carefully, over and over again, until you have achieved the final result.
Once you have determined which movement excites her the most, intensify the technique unchanged until you reach climax.